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The Selection  - Kiera Cass

Review down here:

This book deserves a huge
It was painful & frustrating.
There were moments where I just had to stop reading so my neural connections could restore themselves.


There is a lot that has been said about this book:

What, the world building is disastrous & as shaky & senseless?
Why, yes.
You spoiled off springs of the once hegemonic country, how you dare turn into a monarchy. Come on, caste monarchy world set (like) 300 years in the future in once U.S. federal ground, go home, you are drunk!


The names are weird?
Hell yes.
That girl THURSDAY (or was it Tuesday?) was kicked out by the end of the book, so I figure the Prince has no problems with names.
Though, by god's teeth, Kriss & Emmica did it to the final six *fans self*


The Characters are stupid?
Pretty much.

History isn’t something you study. It’s something you should just know.

Yes Ancient History, Art history, Pre-History, World History, Contemporary History & just every History Mayors all around the world, we are talking to YOU. Stop wasting your life studying something that you just should know, Jesus.

The only more or less interesting characters are America's maids. They are even MORE competitive than the Selected, for royalty's sake!


The cover is THE ONLY good thing about this book?
Well, yeah, I guess.
The cover is okay. Is not in any of my prettiest picks but, uh... still better than the book, that's for sure.


Phantom resistance groups with invisible goals?
Of course!
I am pretty sure their motives to dethrone the royal family are good. All I need is to met a couple of rebels so I can wish them to marry Maxon.
*Swoons* Best love story ever.


But of all those details are just the set up for the *drums roll* The International Setting.
Rant Internationalist Style!!
Seriously, be cool. Once. Please.
Many, many internationalist died while I was reading this book.
The author just kept throwing facts & ideas at the world building, that's a fact, but whenever she talked about other people & countries it was as if she had turned on the news for about 10 minutes to try to figure out the world's future.
& failed.
United States of China?!

The 3rd World War - Zaz! Heart attack.
Nobody says what happened with this IIIWW thing. It just... it apparently will happen eventually so why bother with the details?

Current War with "New Asia" - BAM! Brain Cancer.
China (& also North Korea, but com'on!) has been deeply demonized in the News & by the Government, so no wonder the new hegemonic power to unseat U.S. & turn it into... this country of Ilea is Asia.
& to put is Asia as a whole, you must be kidding!

Motives for the War that Started it All - Suck it, you just died.
So apparently Asia invaded U.S. because of the big debt it had with them.
First, do you know who loans that money to countries?
Nope, aliens is not the answer.
The whole world has a debt... with Intl. Organizations such as The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, other big Banks & even the UN has part on that.
U.S. - China relations are not easy, but still, now a days war is too expensive to risk it, for the Economy, money, rules the system. & the economic relation between the countries & its interdependence are far more important than whatever debt, & a whole war wouldn't happen because of that.
THEN the war complicated because Russia entered to the game.
Whoa, originality stroke.
As if 2 of every 5 movies didn't already have Russian bad guys all over the set.


Aside the non-existent plot, the underdevelopment of the characters & the house of cards the world building was, my biggest problem was dear America.

Hey, hey America, pssst.
Hey, America, over here!

*gives her the finger*
I wish your death by the end of the series!

Oh my God, I hate her so much.
America is one of those Stupidity by Birth cases where there is not salvation for her & therefore I die.
Is just... ugh, I seriously cannot express my frustration about her without repeating all over again just how stupid she is.
& shallow.
& "stubborn" (Selfish).
& can't quite picture the direct conflict between being poor & having up to 6 children.
& she, oh whoosh, hates war & dearest why must she wear shoes anyway?
Clearly I must be crazy because she's also all too beautiful AND incredible talented AND so very funny.
Naturally everyone loves her, because why not?
Who wouldn't love a goldfish? That's it, because she's as smart as a goldfish.
Oh, America.
*pictures how amazing would be to PUNCH her*

The caste division is... I don't know what it is. Some way to express just how screwed people can be. Either belong to the Royalty & be a One or be crap's crap when being born an Eight.
She is a cast #5.
An artist.
She sings.
She is AMERICA fucking SINGER, ladies & gentleman!!
In this world being a Five is like the middle of the spectrum, so while they are NOT privileged in any way, they aren't starving, either. Yet, every time the family's economical situation is hinted at, the 3 meals a day, popcorn while watching TV, showers & whatnot become invisible because they are Five & therefore poor.
Hmp, this is like a First World Dystopian, you know?
Where people complain & is unhappy without really embracing the magnitude of just how bad their situation can be.
America speaks 3 languages, for damn's sake!
Instead of thinking that the Dystopian aspect is underdone, I think that America (& the poor characters in general) do just exaggerate the facts, & like America's mom, they border greed, while the rich throw a lavish life style.

What is overdone, & this is a fact, is the corny-ness that drives the, um, lets call it plot, okay?
So America also has a dirty little boyfriend who is caste #6, lower than her, so if she marries him she'd be poorer.
Not that she minds.
Her mother would totally mind, hence the secret.
They've had this star-crossed romance for a while now, but shit is getting serious, so... Aspen (I just kept forgetting his name, seriously, I just couldn't remember, he's just "The Poor Guy") & America wonder about future & stuff while (take note) she feeds him with the left overs her starving family didn't eat.
But that is not the matter any more. Let him eat, poor dude.
The thing is that he is just as STUPID as she is!
You do deserve a better future dear beautiful amazing America, set yourself out to be a Selected & if you do it great. If not, then perhaps I can drag you down to this misery I call a #6's life.
God, kill him.
Quite frankly I think they're perfect together, oh my god, they should be married already, & for god's sake restrict themselves of having any children, with a stupidity as potentially huge as theirs.

So, as I was saying, The Selection.
There's the Monarchy's prince.
Such a long shot for anyone, if it wasn't for The Selection. This quasi The Bachelor thing that happens every time one Prince turns 18 & a Princess is needed.
So, why would our honey dear America not want to try out for The Selection?
Ah, yes, the stupid poor boyfriend.
& here I started to wonder about her intelligence.
For if she is one of those thirty-something selected, not the winner, not the second-to-last Selected to be kicked out, if she is a Selected & just a Selected, her family would have an economic compensation that would help them out lots.
Yeah, I roll my eyes at them & their "economy", but money is money & more is more so...
Oh, but miss selfish says Osh, but the love of my life is here, dearest!
Then a miracle conveniently happens & that's why we get 200 more pages on her life as a Selected for possible princess.

Gosh, but the poor thing has a boyfriend & there is a handsome prince around now, hmp. Poor little thing, in the middle of this nightmare.

But, hey, is worth it, because the dudes in this books are smexy(!!)


For what I gathered Illea is a slim but long country with a lot of citizens. Who said 35/1,000,000 girls to pick up is a good idea? Is a great idea for the girls, & I think there's just that.
No more ways to see this.
Now, the competition.
35 chicks fighting for the crown... & the prince. Don't forget they are also fighting for the prince.
Nobody is as civilized.
In any random world, they would be at each other throat's letting the competition get out the best of them. Yet, almost all the girls are friendly & lovable & wish such good luck to each other.
I hoped to see the blood bath all along, I needed to see someone die! *shakes head disappointingly*
The worst one participant did was... ah, the other's stared at America funny *shrug* What, everyone has ever loved her, of course funny looks are bad.
Funny looks can be scary as hell!
Our honey dear was hated because the other 75% of the people here thought she'd be the perfect queen.




Now the other randomly main character (aside Americas perfect red hair);
The Prince.
Maxon, is way (a little, just this little) smarter than the general population in this book.
Perhaps a bit sweeter than the poor guy (I mean naive, well mannered & somewhat educated);
&, duh, HE'S A RICH goddamn PRINCE.
I am not particularly rooting for him. Hell no, I don't want someone like America to end Queen, god what a blasphemy(!) He's just the least worst thing around.


*deep breath*
Ah, I feel better now.

I still wish America to die...

... Or at least the be dumped epic style by Maxon.
Poor dude, seriously. He was looking for a wife & instead he found a stupid bitch with dumb-ex-boyfriend issues & selfish as a golden retriever.
He's probably Bad Luck Brian's descendant or something...


Also, whoever want to exchange this book with me?
I'm open to offers!
You could have a wonderful time reading this!

THANK YOU Universe.
I traded this successfully!
*Happily dances till sunrise*

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