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Consider yourself warned.

Tiger's Destiny - Colleen Houck

This is not going to be a review. This is a shit where I'll express how much this book disappointed me & where I point out how it wouldn't have done such thing.
Therefore, consider yourself warned.
I'm gonna rage & I'm gonna do it spoilerishly right.
*Deep, resigned, damned sigh*


Okay. Here's the thing; since the very first book, this saga has been a Guilty Pleasure.
A Guilty Pleasure.
This means it is NOT excellent or awesome, but has something (good enough) that made me obsess over it.


Now, ALL along the way, my biggest problem was *drum rolls* yep, KELSEY!
Yes, yes.
Before, she was way too naive & stupid, but there was one point where she wasn't THAT bad 'cause she improved... until she hit the ceiling in her way up & fell LOWER than ever.
& that's because in this 4th & last book, she wasn't just stupid (MORE stupid than you could ever believe possible), she took a PhD on DRAMA, too!!
& what do we think about dramatic people? NOT today~




I really wouldn't like to do it, but I will make a recap since book one 'cause I'm upset & I'm just this contreras.
First of, Tiger's Curse had me at the edge of HATE until half the book passed & I ended up loving it. Specially the end; OMG, The End of Tiger's Curse is GREAT in a very particular, bittersweet way.
Shortly after, I started Tiger's Quest & please! Somebody hold me! Just remembering how & why I loved it is worth the rave.
Because Kelsey loved Ren & Ren loved kelsey, & destiny was like Why, fuck you two, so BITTER-SWEET. Bitter-sweetness Everywhere.
THEN, I painfully waited for Tiger's Voyage... & everything got screwed up. Half screwed, because I THOUGHT I got it, but still, WTF. (& I'm not talking about the Amnesia thing, but about the Oh, but... I did a promise part. *RAGE*).
Tiger's Voyage is where the whole saga went downhill, because HERE enters the Love Triangle.
You ask, How's possible there's a Love Triangle if Kelsey & Ren so obviously love each other. Even a blind foe could see how that way the story line is perfect. RIGHT?
Well, I tell you, Kishan is a very interesting character... 'CAUSE HE's THE ONLY OE WHO DOESN't SEE IT.
& wants the chick for himself, too.
So, here's where I start with Tiger's Destiny.
As messed up as their love life is, the Curse is still unbroken.
The Rope of Fire is the last of Durga's gift & the world-to-visit is Fire themed, obviously.
Again, the mythology, the world, the everything else but Kelsey (& now Kishan's attitude. You'll see) was awesome.
If anything, this book lacked sarcasm. I remember i started liking Kelsey (In Tiger's Curse) because she & Ren fought all the time & she would throw some great arrogantly-sarcasticly answers.
If just this would had happened again... *sad sigh*
This book was a tad faster than the others, mainly because the quest was completed pretty quick & the other half of the book consisted on Time Travel to the past to defeat Lokesh.


*sigh* Those Indiana Jones adventures.
So good. I'm gonna miss them.
They hold most of my love for the series. Is the LOVE part in our love/hate relationship.
But, self-pity, selfishness, stupidity? Gee, NO! Those are the HATE part.
& that's what I want to talk about. & I won't talk about the Love part because too complex & way too spoiler-ish.
Is the Curse. If you want to know about that, read the book.


NOW, brace yourself.


I have to say it. I am the Relationship Runner kind of girl. Specially if I don't feel like... um, you know, Golden Light from heaven & that shit.
Why would I have a hollow relationship? Fuck off, no!
But I WANT to think that even with the Light showering you, when you know you're in love, is fair to run, as long as are clear with the other person & you return whenever your self-issues are healed.
For instance, Kelsey had already run from Ren once; truck-loaded with self issues. Her pain; loneliness; fear; etc.
But she returned to him.
Then, both got fucked by destiny & she wasn't confident enough to hold on & the self issues returned stronger & screwed up. Even when Ren returned to her (& you know he didn't go because of Self Issues), she just couldn't.
That's NOT fair. Shouldn't be legal.
& even MORE illegal, to be with other guy (Kishan) because that seems "safer"... NO!
What's wrong with you, Kelsey??
She says Ren has a Super Hero complex, so (maybe) trying to save her (or, yeah, any other worthless soul, why not?) he would put himself in risk & (probably) DIE. So, if she is NOT with him, if she is with a guy who meh, is okay & nice, he won't die.
*Here, use THIS spot to snort ALL you want. Take the time you need*
...*More time needed? Sure. I'll hold on*...
Well, as I was saying, Kelsey fills the pages with self-pity because the people around her (her parents, her grandma... & just people in general), have the tendency to die.
Gee, Kells, BREAKING NEWS, People DIE. All the TIME!
&, as the Phoenix says, living a life where you fear the loss of your loved ones is a particularly wasted life.


Specially if you parade yourself with your boyfriend in front of the man you love.


In Tiger's Destiny, the Self Issues created by Ren's Amnesia should have had time to HEAL. Kelsey needed time to recover (ALONE) & then decide what to do with Ren or Kishan.
She doesn't do that!
Such thing NEVER happens!! (& I blame Colleen Houck).
That's just WRONG!!!
Because Kishan's like Hey, are we a couple now? At Tiger's Voyage, & Kelsey is all *shrug* Yes. Ren's gone, anyway.
Ren comes back & yeah, she was issued-up, fine. Be conflicted between the guys, you can; pero no te pases(!).
Try to heal, dear. Is called character improvement.
AND THEN, comes malefic Lokesh & kidnaps her.
Talk about self issues.
She was about to start a Long Life of suffering by Lokesh's side, & when the guys rescue her, she's just like, Nailed. Now, where were we? Oh, yeah, about mess up the whole saga.
She doesn't heal.
& that's why the characters in this book will need a date with the mans on white.


Now, even if Ren & Anamika would never burn each other, I liked how they spent time together.
Don't take me wrong. I mean that things were really unfair for Ren here. He was really HURT, & I think he had some time of relaxation staying with Anamika all that time.
Good for him.
On the other hand, I LOVED younger Durga. She's not just the goddess known as India's Mother, but also used to be a warrior badass.
Since Tiger's Quest it was very obvious that Kishan was hers... we just didn't know how such thing would happen. So, whenever they meet in the past, it was GREAT the fact that they disliked each other(!)
Cheers for it, I loved their fights!
I just wish there would have been MORE fights & MORE time for them to develop together. Whenever it turned out Anamika needed a tiger, it just seemed forced.
You couldn't really expect them to have a happily ever after together.
Though, I loved how natural Kishan flowed at the usual meeting with Durga at the beginning.
She's sure a smart chick.


But, but, but... Kishan, dear, you are DEAD to me.
So, we already stated Kishan has vision problems, but really, how can he do THAT to his brother?
That's just plain selfish!
He KNOWS how Ren has loved Kelsey since... always. But oh, no. HE's the one who's been lusting over her since ALWAYS, & the one Yesubay (she was named Yesubay, right?) deceived, so sure enough HE MUST deserve Kelsey more than his brother, RIGHT?
Not really.
"Ren CAN get over it". (Kishan Actually says that. A trillion times).
He knows Kelsey has been in a radish-metaphor Love with Ren since ALWAYS too, but oh, no! Hey gorgeous, I'm desperately looking for the meaning of life. & this is my chance, feel sorry for me & be with this guy!
*Bangs soul against imaginary wall*
Bitch. Please.
& you know which the worst part it? KELSEY DOES SO!
Oh, no! I PROMISED Kishan he would get a Happy ending & he MUST. Even if I have to spend the rest of my worthless life doing SO.


Also, Kishan was the Perfect Bad Boy. Perfect. But he changed his behavior & put himself at Kelsey-level.
Fuck it, that's why I hated him the most. He lost himself for someone else.
That's disturbing.
That means he could never be his true self around Kelsey or the Spell would break.


You guys, my head spins. This is too much.
So, to finish it up, THAT End. Not really what I'd have expected. Of course, was due to happen sooner than later but... er. Well.
I just can't believe Kelsey didn't want the henna tattoo because that brought SAD Memories. *Bitch slap*


Fini. I'm DONE.

Oh, no, WAIT.
Obviously, in this book I HATED Kishan. But one thing really, REALLY unfair for him is that he & Kelsey never had The Talk. The one that says I don't really love you THAT way. See ya!
Kishan stays in the past & he's like Yeah, I know you feel tiny butterflies with Ren, Kelsey, I KNOW. So kiss me Good Bye.
Kelsey NEVER had the mind-fuck guts to go & be HONEST with him (whether he deserved it or not, because he KNEW & didn't want to face it.)


The Love-Triangle was awful, yes. But This book would have had at least 4*'s if, like, at the middle, Kelsey would had dumped Kishan, er, I mean, if by the middle Kelsey would had been honest with Kishan, Ren & Herself.
By this I mean that if she stayed SINGLE the rest of the 4th quest (I mean, if she had said NO to Kishan's marriage proposal, for bitch's sake), focused in the Curse, coming to terms with the insides of her heart later (probably in the past, when they are about to defeat Lockeh hand-by-hand, with Anamika as judge of her action), I wouldn't have raged THIS BAD, because, at least, there wouldn't had been so much Oh, no! drama & self-pity.



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