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Boundless - Cynthia Hand

& with cheese I'm usually all whatever, but dude, seriously. What.




*annoyed sigh*
*drums fingers*
*looks at screen*


Clara is supposed to be a not-quite-but-almost-there angel. So she's a tripliare; when you are thinking Oh, well. She must be busy not worrying about the good/evil paradox, playing her harp & stuff, you suddenly realize that she (& also Christian for that matter) are west in Stanford because a normal life sure is what everyone wants.
You want to be normal? GO WITH A SHRINK!


& here I present to you Boundless plot:
A Tripliare First world problems.
Tripliare in love.
Tripliare in love with a Human.
Tripliare at college!
Tripliare in danger...
Tripliare running for their lives because we have to make the book exciting.


*Deep thought or whatever*
I had this sudden epiphany where I was staving Christian (I swear it came of nowhere)! But it was beautiful. His stupid head against the car glass & a sharp object on his chest.
Clara was childish & pointless about stuff all the time. Selfish, stupid & more interested in her now nonexistent relationship with Tucker than in her upcoming death.


Now, that other plot line that has nothing to do with tripliare was so... WHAT THE HELL?!
What in the fucking literal HELL!
Angela became kind of my antihero.
Hero because of how she managed her, uh, dilemma. Until the point Phen came, that's it.
Anti because COME ON. Is fucking ANGELA. I just can't believe the pregnancy stuff. Just no. I'm in college, & I just cannot begging to wrap my mind around the frustration &... frustration someone like Angela must have felt.


The fist book of the series was cliche fest but was so well done that I liked it. The second was a shrug, a shake head & a pat in the back. This one was just ridiculous.
Fuck you Clara.
I wish she was with Christian.
Tucker, in all his human glory, is still too funny & smart to be part of THAT end.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/321218357