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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

Oh my gods, it is over! Why, even if I tried, seriously tried, to read this slowly & enjoy it & LOVE it... the end came too quickly, damn it. Le sigh.


Anyway, without further ado I present to you... Scarlet!!




AKA Little Red Ridding Hood in other circles. Scarlet is just like this...
Though her hair is fire-red;
& wears a red hoodie & jeans;
& carries a gun with her...;
But she totally gets a Wolf for herself.


Bringing the thing on, I loved Scarlet... the book, though dear Scarlet girl was also a kick ass heroine to love. She is way different from Cinder, & turned out to be just as I didn't expect her to be, for I had somehow pictured her as an alternate version, hold-the-place-for, of Cinder. 
Which she wasn't.
Which is great.
Whenever I figured out, to my fan-girl dismay, that a new (co)protagonist was entering I was... nervous? 
Ready to ravage a city?
I just had loved Cinder so much, & to face a new chick all over again when I had just found her was... well. You know. But never fear my fears, for Scarlet is not anything like that. I should have known better; Scar has her very own personality, & a shitload of her own plot & place in the story. 
She is angry & straight forward, harsh & screams her mind out & (I think) looks at you with that shut-the-fuck-up glare while she goes & does what she wants. 
She's such a badass!
There were even moments where I thought she would beat the shit out of Wolf! 
The BIG Bad Wolf(!)


Ah, Wolf...
I don't want to talk about him. 
Apparently, my subconscious has made a point on developing a crush on all the male characters on this book under the age of 30. 
For one, Kai remains my one true swoon-love.

“I don’t see that her being cyborg is relevant.”

Oh, Kai. Why
No; No; NoNoNoNoNo.
Don't do it!! Don't screw things, please, I love you too much for that. You ARE to gorgeous for THAT. 
Kai has a mildly share of appearances on Scarlet, he's emperor now! But still, I missed Kai-with-Cinder. 
Kai-with-Political-Adviser is just not quite as hot. 
Now, enters another new to-swoon-for-lonely-boy! 

  • Captain Throne may be a total womanizer & sometimes even sound like a pig, but at the end he's the funny guy who you can sarcastically insult for hours & won't get tired.
    "I know, I know. She seems a little [crazy], but it's really part of her charm, once you get to know her.
    Even, there is this little part of me that want Cinder & him to try it, just to make (somehow) Kai leave all stupidity & run for her.

As long as Thorne gets to be single again, that's it. 
I mean, if Kai is Cinder's *sniff* & Wolf Scarlet's, well, Thorne can be Valeria's, right?
Is not like he'll end up being Cress' or Winter's, RIGHT?
There, that's my fear now. Fear my fear, people. 
Besides, he's a global level thief, which, in this sci-fic/fairy-tale world, makes him even sexier. 
Umm, so...
So... Wolf. Here is Scarlet's prequel, where people like Wolf is... introduced. IDK, there were moments where I was sighing lovingly at him, then I was willing Scarlet to shoot him with her really badass gun, so obviously, our relationship is off.
Is just by the end that he redeemed himself with moi.


I don't know if it if because Red Riding Hood fairy-tale is really short & straight forward on its nature (not one of my favorites), but that's how Scarlet's & Wolf thing felt. 
Too fast. 
Too to-the-point.
One thing is for sure, I admired Scarlet's willingness to go for it with everything that was going on & afterwards, but that doesn't mean I will not question her on the matter. 
On the other hand, I also liked the POV she has for him, once she discovers about his nature. The Man vs Animal thing. Scarlet really sees him as he is & what he is, so I wouldn't doubt her feelings for him are not real.
As for Wolf, he has his Alpha of the Pack instincts to blame.

"Maybe Jael's control worked against him, because my instincts tell me to protect you... Alpha female, I sort of like that."

*wiggles eyebrows* He's such a charmer.


Turns out Levana's evil plan is on its tracks; Her E-vil-ness has been working on finding her beloved niece Selene, & she would be THIS close, if it wasn't because there's certain Lunar/Cyborg who told her she wasn't pretty. 
Oh, Cinder *hugs*
I am somewhat happy that she has Thorne as a sidekick on the run; he just makes everything funnier, & oh does Cinder need a leverage on her worries. What is best than a funny guy who won't get offended as target? 
Having distracted Levana enough to make everyone find her or else, she'll declare war (again) to Earth is already a stress factor. Plus lost princess plus most wanted criminal? 
Hmp, thanks Thorne.


Now that the storyline focuses on Red Ridding Hood, Cinder's movements are more unpredictable. Her character is free to move around the plot, which I, of course, find AWESOME. 
What I loved the most on the Plot/Cinder aspect is that I FINALLY could fill the blanks on how is that she was brought to Earth;
Where did she spend all that time?
& What happened to her memories?
ALL is unraveled! As a theories prove-er, I was into the revelations going on, specially when I found out how & why Scarlet was so important in Cinder's life. 
Well, Scarlet's grand-mere *rises eyebrow* 
All tough girls. ALL.


So, as I said somewhere above, I liked Scarlet very much, but as I verified whenever she & Cinder FINALLY crossed paths by the end of the book (which I wish had happened sooner) & they fought & shared theories & stuff, Cinder remained my champion. 
Why, I just feel more identified with her!!
(Just as I love Kai more than Wolf). Apparently, I couldn't stop comparing them at the end (sorry?).


Though, next enters Cress,so, we'll see.



Dear Marissa Meyer:
I am very grateful for that end. I WILL be able to focus this semester & spend not-so-much-time theorizing about Crees. 
But, still, hurry up & keep writing (that you do awesomely!!)
Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/283055255