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My little heart of ice... oh Sydney.

The Golden Lily: A Bloodlines Novel - Richelle Mead

Oh for freaking heaven! Dat end. Is just SO... Okay, personally I don't consider it Cliff-hang, it is more like thought provoking. & holly hell, it has provoked the WORST out of me. *rocking in silence* I can barely deal with my own thoughts!


So, the Golden Lily *waves at the book resting beside me* Damn! *& then I sigh* I liked this book. It was really worth the wait. Well maybe I'm a little annoyed in the fact the the plot was not as strong as the characters. You get me? Of course I'll babble about Sydney & Adrian (Holy Shit, that FEELING) but, seriously, the synthesis of the mysterious people haunting Sonya was quite predictable. At least, for someone like me, that pretends to be a detective with EVERY book I read, that was not so entreating.
But THEN, there is Sydney.
& her little, weird heart.
& the Alchemists beliefs over her back!
& Adrian!!!
I mean, whenever I finished Bloodlines, I had an I want Sydney & Adrian together NOW inner cry, & Golden Lily HAS satisfied it, *hell to the yeah*


Sydney is (almost) my soul-twin! She says OCD & I'm like I know, me too! *Hi5*. Then, of course, I'd have to explain her the implications of Hi-5-ing someone. But, hey, we drink coffee all day, so that makes up for her lack of comprensiveness about social ways & understanding people.
Now, a couple of things happened that made me *face palm*, laugh the tears off my eyes... & both. Plus the swooning Adrian provoked on me~
FIRST THAN anything, Sydney gets a sort of boyfriend! *gasp* Yes, yes I know he's not what we normal people would consider as a "Boyfriend", but those words are worth the shock.
Everything that involved the "dating" was hilarious. This guy Brayden is like her CopyCarbon, so alike. & while I think going out with someone EXACTLY like you is Boring, the un-memorable presence of B-Whatever was worth the crazy reaction of ALL the gang.

“Really, Sage? A date?”

I sighed. “Yes, Adrian. A date.”

“A real date. Not, like, doing homework together,” he added. “I mean like where you go out to a movie or something. And a movie that’s not part of a school assignment. Or about something boring.”
“A real date.”

Then, B-whatever lost all the hilarity after the first date (in a windmill tour, (!? I know)) & that fire-less kiss, when he started acting as himself. That frozen geek. God, I just wanted him to die so Adrian could enter into scene.


Talking about Adrian, I LOVE him! Okay, he is not a badass guardian, but I don't care! Actitud mata carita~ & Adrian has BOTH.
Gee, he might have been obsessed with Rose once, but he's found home! *A little more of swooning* I can't say how much I freaked out -in the good way- because of Adrian.
Ah, shit, Adrian KNOWS perfectly how Sydney feels about vampires.
For Alchemists believes vampires are unnatural, bad, BAD creatures. He accepts this. He'd rather spend time with Sydney doing any random activity because that's way better than not being with her at all.

“Why would you do that? Why would you act like you didn’t know how to drive?”

A million thoughts seemed to cross his mind, none of which he wanted to share. At last, he shook his head in exasperation.
“Isn’t it obvious, Sage? No, of course it isn’t. I did it so I’d have a reason to be around you—one I knew you couldn’t refuse.”

Honestly, I know how much Sydney loves her car, Latte, but who could refuse a 1967 Ford Mustang? I am not particular fan of Mustangs, but I DO have a soft spot for classics! I wouldn't have refused.
Really, how did Sydney expect to have fireworks with B-Whatever whenever her love rests in cars she doesn't even own(?!).


Still, Ms. Terwilliger? I want her as my teacher. Magic Teacher. I just want Sydney to embrace her magicness... or however Ms. Terwilliger calls it. Actually I'm super glad she decided to make this spells, at least because it had to be done.
Magic is NOT bad or unnatural Sydney. It is part of Nature & part of YOU. So get THAT into your compartmentalized head.
Then again, if the Alchemist knew...
Oh, no, no, no; I want to harm ALL Alchemists right NOW. The GOOD thing is, there might be a way for ♥A&S♥ to be together!!! (ejem, Marcus Finch).
The Alchemist can go to hell now, who the freak cares? All we need it to dear Syd to hear her twisted heart. I know you love him, Sydney! You CAN'T fool your twin-soul!!


You see, Sydney doesn't really understand anything the Alchemists have as motto, though for someone like her, all dependable in facts & the exactitude of numbers, is much more easy hold on in what she already has than discovering a new whole truth by her own (one she won't understand that easily). & that's pretty scary, really.
When suddenly your eyes tell you that everything you believed in is not quite true, you can freak out!
But, better be safe than sorry, right Syd?
She believed the worst of Moroi & Damphir... But, BUT how comes she is FRIENDS with them now?
Who is the Monster??
That she cares for them & is willing to go & do all sort of things in her power in order to help them & make sure they are safe? (& she is VERY powerfull)
& not just Jill. Yeah, everything comes to Jill's security, I mean, bitch please that's the plot, but suddenly Sydney thinks of the welfare of *drums roll* Adrian(!). & the rest of the gang, too.
THAT is one of the other things I liked; "Characters Improvement"... aka the motion of their feelings, moving & changing~
Not just Sydney but Eddie too. Ow, poor baby. & Angeline, I liked her!


Oooh, & did I mention THAT end??

“But perhaps the best part of all was that I, Sydney Katherine Sage, guilty of constantly analyzing the world around me, well, I stopped thinking.”

Fuuuu... until she started thinking again. Fuck
That moment when you're feeling too much, thinking too much, you become a freaking idiot. & do ALL sort of idiotic things!
Yeah, I wish Sydney would do this: description

But is hard. & I know it. Don't worry, Sydney. We'll hold on 'till the next book. Out hearts SHALL feel better~

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